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Coaches and Healers

You’re super inspired by your modality, as it helped you become the amazing person you are today. But what if your clients aren’t as inspired, or they’re not getting the results you did?
Many coaches and healers struggle with clients dropping out of programs, or not getting results, which causes their “not good enough” gremlin to take over. Starr at Radical Revelations helps coaches and healers how to provide more value without burnout, and helps them feel confident about the value they provide so that instead of mid-package cancellations, they have clients who rave, refer, and return. If you’re embarrased to admit how many clients slip through the cracks, it is time to get support.
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Women Living Out Loud Retreat 2017

Women are hard-wired to be in community together. To allow space for all of us, not just what the world wants to see. Something magical happens when women spend time with each other and nature, in song, dance, process, and play. Join us in February 2017 for a Women’s Spiritual Retreat in Los Gatos, CA for four days of sisterhood, nature, ritual, and music.
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