Has Your Practice Become a Drain?

Building a business is like building a machine – there are so many moving parts!

You spend a while figuring out who you’re helping and what results you’re helping them provide. Then you get clients – yay!

You begin to build an online presence through your website or social media. You have an email list where you’re providing value for your followers (who may turn into your clients).

You’re attending events and learning how to talk about your business in both a conversational way and a way that positions you as the expert.

You may be speaking to groups of people to get the word out and connect with potential clients in the audience. You may even be to the point where you’re ready to expand your reach, building group programs or live events.

Whether you want to expand or not, you also have to think about what technology you’re using, how to follow-up without holding all the information in your head, and how to engage people in your pipeline. The list goes on!


The problem is that once you get all the parts up and running, it can be a real challenge to know what area to adjust if you’re not getting the end result you want.

So many coaches and healers come to me feeling drained by their business, and share that it feels like their clients are consuming their lives. They share the fear that if things keep going like this, they won’t be able to continue.

Instead of looking at the machine of their business and make adjustments there, they take it personally; “what if it because there is something wrong with ME”, they ask.

Sadly, I even often meet ex-coaches and healers who share they wish they would have met me sooner, as they were not able to make their practice sustainable or successful. This really breaks my heart, since something called them to be a healer in the first place, and now the world is doing without their gifts.

After years of seeing clients and leading classes and events, I’ve seen time and again what works and what doesn’t work when teaching and leading transformational work. And after years of business and marketing training, it is easy for me to see which wheel in your business machine needs to be greased or repaired in order to make your whole practice run smoothly.

Stop doubting yourself.
Stop-over giving to your clients.
Stop fearing you’re not meant to do this work – you wouldn’t be here if that was true.

The truth is, there IS a way to run your practice that gets your clients great results, let’s you have the impact on the planet your heart desires, and allows you to live the abundant life you’re worthy of.

It would be my honor to show you how to build THAT machine.




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Before working with Starr I was struggling with balancing time for my fertility coaching business and my young family. I had some big goals for my business, but was finding it hard to achieve everything. I was also struggling with stress, energy and processing grief for my sister, who had died the previous year.

Starr helped me to get clear on what was really going on. She helped me give myself permission to take the time I needed to process my grief. Starr also helped me to get to the core of my business, to figure out what I really wanted and to start practicing it. Freedom and joy are now the core values that I hold for my business, my clients, my family and myself. Practicing these things in small and big ways has helped to shape my business, give me better relationships with my family and bring me more fulfilment and happiness.

I got so much value out of working with Starr. She is profoundly wise, kind, caring, funny, powerful, intuitive and smart. Starr helped me to go deeply into what was holding me back from having a successful business and having true happiness in my life.

If you are lucky enough to work with Starr, then grab the opportunity because you will see your life and your business change in many incredible ways.

Rachel Bolton

Women Health Specialist Lic. Ac., Lic. Tui Na, MBAcC, Plan Yourself Pregnant