Do You Take Time to Say YES to YOU Every Day?

Or do you worry so much about productivity that you’ve forgotten about…


The MAGIC of…


Too many Coaches & Healers on The Cutting Edge wake up and dive right into their to-do list, or their day.

I get it – you have so much to do! I mean, you’re co-creating a New Story for Humanity with your work. You’re impacting lives and sharing your wisdom and upleveling your life.

Yet, if you’re not tapping into ALL the powers that can support you, you’re making it harder on yourself and missing out on the ease and flow that comes with working with you instead of against you.

That’s why I created the Your Daily YES Pageto give you a simple tool you can use every day that will not only help you be more productive, it will also align the powers of your subconscious and the infinite power of the Universe with both your big goals and your small tasks.

Imagine getting a love letter from yourself every day.

That’s what this practice has the power to feel like.

With such a simple-yet-powerful tool, it can’t be the same for everyone! You are unique in so many ways, so your daily practice should be as well.

Your Daily YES page will help you:
  • work with your natural rhythms for success
  • be flexible yet disciplined each day
  • align with what you want so you can create it
  • use the power of the Universe with intention
  • shed shame around not doing it “their” way


Your Daily YES Session

In a 30 minute private phone session, I’ll help you customize Your Daily YES page. Together, we’ll look at your big vision and the small tasks that will get you there, and create a YES page that supports exactly who you are.

You’ll end up with a customized pdf just for you to support your business and life, that you can start using right away! I’ll also send you tips on how to best use this powerful tool.

All this, for ONLY $97!*
*Don’t want to print it yourself? For just $15 more I’ll mail you a spiral-bound book with your name on the cover and 12 weeks-worth of pages for you to fill out. This add-on is available to purchase when you schedule.

Tap in to all the power at your disposal,
and say YES to YOU.

Click below to get started! I can’t wait to support you.