Are You Just Pacifying Yourself?

Imagine for a moment that you’re a mother - a relatively new one. You’re out trying to get some much-needed grocery shopping done, and your baby starts to cry. It is clear what this baby wants - milk. Comfort. Nurturing and nourishment. Let’s get real: This baby wants...

A Moment of Gratitude for Rad People

Thank you for asking for what you need. Thank you for reaching out for support. Thank you for saying no when it doesn't resonate with you. Thank you for setting and maintaining bold boundaries with yourself and others. Thank you for clarifying what you're...

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Do’s & Don’ts of Using Positive Affirmations

Do’s & Don’ts of Using Positive Affirmations

Using Positive Affirmations to adjust habits in thinking, and align ourselves with a greater Truth, can be extremely helpful in shifting our consciousness and manifesting what we want to experience. However, like any tool, it can be misused.

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