What The world

and your business

needs is more



Rad Connections meets
Every month on the Third Tuesday
11am-1pm Pacific (through Zoom)

Are you a coach, healer, or
other soulful solopreneur
looking to expand your network
of leaders like you?

Do you crave a different kind of
online experience where you get to connect
on a deeper level – with yourself & others?

Then I’d love to invite you
to Rad Connections!

Nice to meet you, I’m Starr (with two r’s)

I’ve been facilitating events online & in ORegon since 2002.


For the last 20 years I’ve studied personal development, metaphysical spirituality, leadership, and human behavior, along with societal transformation and ethical business practices.

As a life-long leaders, performer, and activist, I’m passionate about leaving everyone I come into contact with feeling more Connected, Worthy, and Free.

My mission on this planet is to inspire more Connection – to ourselves, each other, our planet, our purpose, Source because I believe it is the antidote to most (if not all) of our planet’s woes.

I founded this monthly event in Autumn of 2016, for the purpose of connecting Coaches, Healers, and other changemaking entrepreneurs who are passionate about co-creating a just, equitable, sustainable, pleasurable world with our work.

Otherwise, we feel alone!

It is too easy see the Old Paradigm of business and forget that there is a whole other way to success, fulfillment, profit, and societal impact.

I teach a New Paradigm model of doing business based around Inclusivity, Intuition, and Integrity. Because when we change how we run our business, we change the world.

Each monthly event features:

  • A Connection Practice to Connect to your Inner Self
  • Networking with other Rad Leaders like You
  • A Training or Experience to support your Business growth
  • Practical New Paradigm tips & tools
  • Something unique and fun!

Odd-Numbered months:
Inner Game

Even-Numbered months:
Outer Game

Upcoming Events for 2021:

Oct 13th  |  Nov 16th  |  Dec 21st

Only $15 for early sign ups

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Within 24 hrs of the event, tickets go up to $20

Highlights from past rad connections events: