Not Your Ordinary Zoom Call

Are you a coach, healer, or
other changingmaking entrepreneur
looking to expand your network?

Is your day currently filled
with zoom calls that are all
starting to blend together?

Then I’d love to invite you
to the Rad Connections
Online Luncheon Experience!

Nice to meet you, I’m Starr (with two r’s)

I’ve been facilitating events online & in ORegon since 2003.


For the last 20 years I’ve studied personal development, metaphysical spirituality, and human behavior, along with societal transformation and ethical business practices.

I’m passionate about leaving everyone I come into contact with feeling more Connected, Worthy, and Free.

And from what I hear, I’m usually successful!

Four years ago I birthed the Rad Connections Luncheon (formerly Portland Lunch Meetup) and am excited to announce its next iteration for 2021:

The Online Luncheon Experience

Each month features:

  • Networking with other Rad People doing Rad Things
  • Trainings/Presentations/Experiences to support your Business
  • 90 mins together plus an optional 30 mins for extra Rad Connection
  • A monthly BIPOC Business Shine & Share
  • An affirmation creation process and brief ritual
  • An opportunity to win a Yo Soy Candle
  • Something unique and fun!

Do you struggle with overwhelm,
burnout, self-sabotage,
or procrastination?

Odd-numbered months:
Inner Game

(Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov)

Running a successful business requires a strong inner game!

Odd months will include:

  • meaningful connection with self and others
  • energetic & embodiment practices
  • mindsets for business ease & flow
  • a chance to win live coaching from Starr

Are you hungry for ideas around ethical marketing, which tech tools to use, & how to navigate client challenges?

Even-numbered months:
Outer Game

(Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec)

Get the connections, resources, and tools you need to thrive!

Even months will include:

  • networking games & group introductions
  • business trainings with practical tips you can apply now
  • new paradigm models of leadership, business, and productivity
  • a chance to be interviewed by Starr in front of the group

Only $15 for early sign ups

Sign up for the next Luncheon HERE

Within 24 hrs of the event, pay $20 HERE

Highlights from past rad connections events: