9am-6pm Friday 3/20/2020 in Portland, OR

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It’s time to Change the way business is done.

And make a fuck-ton of money doing it!

Do you remember how this all began?

Your world got rocked, and you weren’t sure if you could make it through.

The Universe sent you the exact teaching, healing, or mentor(s) you needed.

Inspired by your own growth, and transformation, you decided to help others!

You invested in training with the best in your field.


Because you wanted your business to make a difference in the world. 

You probably also envisioned a life full of cash-flow, flexibility, and fulfillment.

Thank you for Changing the World.


You still love working with your clients.
They inspire you!

It fulfills you to see the impact working with you has on their life and the lives around them. You believe in the power of your work to make a difference in your client’s lives and in the world.

The rest, though? It wears you down!
Between the scheduling and the website and the marketing and the client attraction and selling and delivering and choosing how to package your services and making sure your bills are paid and and and….

Sometimes, you want to BLOW. IT. UP.


It frustrates you to no end as you wonder, “why can’t running the organizational parts of my business feel as free & fulfilling as when I’m serving my clients? Why can’t I have more fun & flow in my business backend?

The truth is: You Can.

That’s the good news.

The bad news? It doesn’t happen over night (soooorrrry). 

And, despite what you’ve been told:

You don’t have to become someone else to make it all work.  


In fact, the only way to break this pattern of frustration
is by owning, honoring, and celebrating

Exactly Who You Are.

Isn’t that the best news ever?!

In addition to aligning your practice with who you are,

The way to enjoy more Flow & Freedom
in your Business operations is a
combination and integration of:


Systems, Strategies, and Surrender.


Oh yeah, and a great community of Support!

This is why I created, Flow & Freedom,

a One-Day Business Retreat for Coaches, Healers & Changemakers.
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After seeing clients for 10 years, leading events in Portland for 15, and studying personal & spiritual development for 20, I’ve helped hundreds of people enjoy more flow and freedom in their lives and businesses.

I’ve also experienced my own burnouts and moments of wanting to give up when everything it took to keep my practice going felt too painful and too hard.

I’m still here because I want to keep reminding leaders like yourself how important and needed you are.

The truth is: your people need you.

And the world benefits from every client you help.


Can you feel it?

The calling to give your deepest gifts in service to the planet?

The yearning to participate in the ushering in of a new world?

Guess what – you’re already doing it! Thank you!

And I want you to be able to keep on Bringing It.

To keep changing lives through your healing, space-holding, leadership, guidance, and care

But if you’re too burned out over resisting what needs to be done to keep your business going, or too resentful of the tasks required,
you’ll be too exhausted to keep giving your gifts.

It’s time you learned how to invite more flow into your business back-end and your bank account,
so you can enjoy more freedom in your practice and your life.

Join other Coaches, Healers & Changemakers for this one-day transformational business retreat, and leave feeling more worthy, connected, and free.


Flow & Freedom is for you if you:

  • Get bogged down by the “right” way to approach marketing, messaging, and sales
  • Beat yourself up for not being “further along” in your business
  • Compare yourself to others in your industry, and think, “why can’t it be that easy for me?”
  • Avoid looking at all the moving parts of your business, or get flustered and confused when you do
  • Believe in the unseen forces of the Universe, yet tend to approach your business more intellectually
  • Feel light when you give your service, but heavy when you do everything else

It’s not for you if you:

  • Either only care about making money, or judge people who have it
  • Aren’t willing to take a different approach to how you run your practice
  • Resist looking at your own inner workings, thoughts, and behaviors
  • Believe there’s only one “right” way to do things

This all-day training and transformational event could be the very thing you need to break your pattern of frustration, and align with flow, freedom and FUN.

After all, if you’re not having fun, what’s all this hard work for??

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What to expect:


Connect and learn with others who are using their work to change the world. 

Partner shares, group experiences, and live discussion.

All races, genders, orientations, and abilities welcome.


Learn systems and strategies that encourage more fun & flow in your business operations. 

Discover ways to streamline your business with tools, tips, and technologies.

Look at money mindsets and management to support your financial flow.



Be guided through exercises designed to connect you with your highest and deepest self.

Re-remember how amazing you are how how important your work is.

Have your wisdom and power reflected back by others who truly see you.



Be immersed in music and magic.

Allow yourself to receive the gift of the unexpected!



Friday March 20th, 2020
(lunch not included)


Jupiter Hotel: Dream Box
800 E Burnside
Portland, OR

How Much

General Admission: $555

Early Bird (Until Feb 1st): $333

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Friday March 20th 9am-6pm at the jupiter hotel in portland
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