How are you feeling about being with your family for the Holidays?


not thrilled?
waiting for it to be over?


“Holiday Harmony” Healing and Planning Sessions now open



Limited Spots available – read more for details and to sign up

So, it is that time of year.

Where we’re bombarded with stuff to buy and things to do and people to see.

For some, it is a jolly time! Filled with sweet memories, anticipated reunions, and giving from the heart.

Sadly, this is not the case for all.


Many people – especially those of us who experienced dysfunction, trauma, or abuse in our family of origin – can experience a re-triggering of old wounds and traumas. If you identify as sensitive, empathic, or introverted, it can be even harder to handle.


You may already be wishing the Holidays were already over, even though they’ve just begun!


This is especially true if part of your Holiday tradition is spending time with family members or friends who don’t:

  • See you clearly
  • Understand who you are or the direction you’ve chosen
  • Accept your lifestyle, relationship(s), or career
  • Appreciate and celebrate your brilliance
  • Honor your values or boundaries
  • Keep their advice, judgments, or criticisms to themselves


Over the years, I’ve helped many of my clients navigate this challenging time, and I’d love to do the same for you.


That’s why I’m offering a limited number of “Holiday Harmony” Healing & Planning Sessions.


This extended three hour session is for you if you struggle with:

  • Being around toxic friends or family members during Holiday gatherings
  • Holding on to who you are when you’re around your family
  • Falling back into old patterns of unhealthy behavior or self-sabotage 
  • Communicating clearly with people who don’t get you
  • Enjoying yourself while around family with different beliefs or value systems
  • Feeling content while being alone 

In this three hour private virtual session, we’ll talk about what your biggest struggles are, what you’re most afraid of, and how to gently and effectively heal the part of you that is still trying to get love and approval from your family of origin (even if you’ll never get it). 


I’ll share with you powerful tips on boundary setting, and clear and effective communication. I’ll hold safe space for you to process and reveal wounds that are still impacting you, and offer whatever healing you need. I bring over ten years of seeing clients and 20 years of personal and spiritual development to the table, and have lots of resources in my toolbox to support you no matter where you are on your journey.

I also have a plethora of personal experience, including being raised by narcissists, followed by years of attracting boundary bulldozers and energy suckers, and being involved in toxic community. 

At the end of your session, you’ll leave with a customized plan of action and self-care to support you as you navigate Holiday events that have the potential to disrupt your life. 

This customized plan will give you actionable steps to prepare and deal with those moments of:

  • Being questioned for the umpteenth time about why you don’t have a “normal” relationship/job/home/parenting style
  • Passive aggressive comments 
  • Hallway encounters with your least favorite and most intrusive relative
  • Feeling completely misunderstood or judged for being who you are
  • Wanting to hide under a blanket until the new year 
  • Loneliness, shame, or feeling invisible

We’ll set you up for success so you can confidently articulate why you and your life are already awesome, without needing anyone to agree (no matter how long you’ve been craving their acceptance). 


In addition, you’ll get a separate 30 minute check in call you can use either during your most challenging time (you know, like while you’re visiting your parents), or after its over (time slots are given on a first-come, first-serve basis).


You don’t have to go into hiding until 2020, and you don’t have to let draining friends or family knock you off track. I know what it is like to deal with toxic family or people who may mean well, but leave you feeling empty and unseen. I want to share with you what I’ve learned over the years and what I’ve seen work with myself and my clients. It is my honor to support you.


Here’s what a few clients have to say about working with me:

“I have never felt so safe and supported in my vulnerability. Starr is an amazing guide, helper and leader!”

“Starr was so present, focused and perceptive, it took nothing but a few moments to feel safe, heard and witnessed. Starr is truly a unique coach. She is compassionate yet practical, unassuming yet knowledgeable, radical yet grounded in reality.”

“Starr Sheppard-Decker is an incredible coach. She is insightful and really listens. Our work together has resulted in huge shifts in my life and has allowed me to experience a greater degree of freedom, joy and love.”

“I’ve been working with Starr for several months now and am delighted with the quality of her coaching. Few people in my life have been so effective at lovingly breaking down my barriers to growth and shining a light into those hard to see parts of my consciousness.”




If you’re ready to say yes to your healthiest holiday season yet, give yourself this gift for the Holidays.
Due to my busy schedule, I only have space for seven of these sessions.

Don’t fear the Holidays – learn how to create and bring Holiday Harmony with you wherever you go. 

"Holiday Harmony" Healing & Planning Sessions

Don't let the Holidays bring you down! Let me help set you up for success and enjoyment of this Holiday Season.

The investment is $555, which gives you a 47% discount off of my hourly session rate!
I did this because I know how important it is to not only survive the Holidays, but to enjoy them.

There’s also an option to make two monthly payments for $333/mo
(second payment must be made before scheduling the 30-minute follow-up session).

Full Pay: $555Payment Plan: 2 payments of $333