Growth can often be anything but fun and easy. It can be terrifying, pushing us beyond our comfy places, asking what seems like too much. Because of this, many turn back and head to the safety of the familiar, often at the cost of their own dreams or sense of self. The problem with this method is… the dreams don’t die! The true Self remains! They continue to scream at us from within, pounding on our hearts and our heads. If we continue to plug our ears, we may need to drown out those voices with addiction, drama, or disease.


The Voice Within

In June, after attending a women’s spiritual retreat (for the 9th year in a row) that I was also involved in putting on, I woke to a stuck feeling within, which I turned toward during my morning meditation. There was anxiety, frustration, pain – and also a yearning, a begging to be heard. After some inner processes, meditation & affirmative prayer, I finally got to a place where I could turn fully toward myself, and a message came through.

But I didn’t like the message at first, because it was telling me it was time to leave a place dear to me.
I listened anyway.

Once I listened – really listened – I couldn’t pretend I hadn’t heard it. So I began supporting myself by taking action.



After 13+ years of being involved in the Portland Center for Spiritual Living – a community which saved me from self-destruction, taught me the spiritual philosophy that shapes all I see and do, and has supported me and my family through years of highs and lows – what was being asked of me was to walk away and follow my own path. To step down from all leadership*, focus on my business & family, and take this message of unity and personal power outside of the center’s walls. At first this idea was frightening, but once I really listened, a wave of peace came over me, and I knew it was time. This last weekend, I publicly said my goodbye (as an active participant) to an amazing spiritual community at their annual Starlight Talent Show.

While it hasn’t been an easy or comfortable decision, this is honestly the most self-validated choice I have ever made in my entire life. No one really understands what I am doing (even those who support it) and it doesn’t matter one bit, because I trust myself. I use my inner atmosphere as a litmus test, and I feel light, at ease, and filled with excitement for what is next to come. Others have given me feedback regarding the new energy I am bringing to my work and my life. The Universe is abundantly supporting me with new opportunities, new people, and new ideas, reminding me that I am just where I am supposed to be (as if I could be anywhere else!).



As I walk forward, head held high, onto my next big adventure (and all that comes with it!), I do so filled with gratitude for my experience at my spiritual community. It’s teachings, people, events, and opportunities (along with my willingness to participate and learn) have made me the woman I am today. In 13 years I’ve served as practically every role but minister and music director, and each one has been a gift in its own way. Every individual & committee, classes both taken and taught, friendships made and left behind – all of it goes with me as I move forward.

I’m also really grateful for Me. That I’m listening – that I’ve done enough inner work to trust myself and the voice of Spirit within. That I’m open – open to the possibilities before me. That I’m present – present with this moment without getting too wrapped up in what’s to come. That I’m willing – willing to take risks and step out of my comfort zone in order to make an impact.


What’s Next?

So much!

Radical Revelations is currently undergoing a re-branding and refocusing, as well as expanding the ways I support clients. While one-on-one coaching will still be a part of my services*, I’m also planning on having regular workshops (like The Magic Words of Wellness this week!), events (keep your eye out for a New Moon Ceremony in January!), and possibly even a membership program featuring virtual and local support. I’ll be focusing more on creating deeper connections with ourselves and others, as well as how to have a powerful impact in the world, while finding better ways to support & connect with my community around what matters to them. If you haven’t already, join the mailing list to keep up-to-date with all the exciting happenings!

Really what’s next is more for YOU. More of Me. More Truth. More Inspiration. More Support. More Content. More opportunities to connect with like-minded people through me. I am thrilled to get to refocus my life to include more of YOU! Thanks for being with me on this amazing journey called Life.


*While I will continue to do sessions using the same principles, I will no longer carry a license to see clients through the Portland Center for Spiritual Living (it lapses at the end of the year).
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