Despite the chaos and the uncertainty going on right now,
nothing is more clear:

The world needs what you have to offer

The question is:
Is your practice set up so you can keep giving it?

Hi, I’m Starr!

Not only am I a life-long leader, rebel, and activist, I’ve been actively online for over 20 years, and have been offering services and hosting events virtually since 2012.

Connecting and supporting rad people doing rad things is one of my passions.

So is helping fellow coaches and healers build strong foundations in their inner world and business back-end so they can keep giving their gifts consistently & profitably

As I connect with my clients and colleagues, I’m realizing what a huge need there is right now to pivot in-person services and events to virtual offerings.

I also see and sense a deep desire to make the most of this opportunity by shifting not just what we’re doing, but how we’re doing it.


This is why I’m so excited about supporting you through the Pivot Your Practice 5-Day Challenge!


This virtual, free challenge is for you
if you’re a coach, healer, or other changemaking service provider
who is ready to start pivoting your practice but aren’t sure how.

It is for you if you’re:

  • Feeling confused or overwhelmed by all the different tools and technologies you could be using to provide services, events, and community online.
  • Unclear how to offer or talk about your services in a way that is relevant to current events
  • Getting inspired ideas about what you could shift, but aren’t sure how to logistically pull it off
  • Worried about being judged for selling at all right now, or are feeling the pressure to only offer things for free or low cost
  • Curious how you could be contributing more to a changing world

And it is especially for you if you’re not going to let your
fear or confusion stop you from serving your people!

The Pivot Your Practice 5-Day Challenge includes:

  • 5 Live one-hour trainings held through Zoom (including hand-outs and live coaching)
  • 5 Daily Challenges (opportunities to put your new learning into practice
  • Daily encouragement in the Coaches & Healers on the Cutting Edge Facebook group
  • A chance to win free support from me, Starr!

Foundation: Start with Self

It all begins within. Mindset, healthy emotional processing, spiritual practice, and standing in your leadership help create a strong foundation.

From Self to Service

We’ll talk messaging, marketing, and making money – all with current events in mind. I’ll remind you how needed you and your work are to your people and the planet.

Getting Online: Tools

Scheduling & streaming & recording, Oh, My! Get a list of tech tools to support your practice, as well as an in-depth look at Zoom and how to use it with your people.

Getting Online: Offerings

With a high demand for online trainings and community, we’ll look at tools and content creation for your service packages & programs, as well as courses & memberships

Setting you up for success

Tie it all together. See a new path forward, and reconnect with your guiding light. Clarify and commit to your next steps, celebrate victories with your community.

Live Zoom calls held
@ 11am Pacific Time
March 30th – April 3rd

Connect with others and share your progress
in the Coaches & Healers on the Cutting Edge
Facebook Group – Click to join now!

The time is now!

Will you join me in changing the world
by pivoting how we do business?


Register below to get access to all you need to participate.

I hope to “see” you there.

Thanks for all you do by being exactly who you are.