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for Coaches & Healers with Major Life Challenges

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You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

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Life often sends us surprises, and some are more welcome than others.

What happens to your practice when a personal issue comes up, needing your time and attention now?

Which do you focus on serving? Your life, or your clients?

If you’re managing your coaching or healing practice, it can be a real blow to have a major life challenge get in the way.

Whether an illness, injury, loss, tragedy, legal battle, or something else, finding the bandwidth to still serve your community and face your issue is often a huge challenge.

On top of that, our industry is really hard on leaders!

When crisis hits, many go into isolation, embarrassed to admit their life isn’t perfect, or ashamed because they think they “should” be further along in the journey so as to avoid crisis altogether. Some even shut down their practice due to overwhelm, burnout, or not knowing how to navigate their experiences in the public eye.

You’re not alone, and you don’t have to go through this alone.

You can have a successful and expanding practice, even when your shit is up.

You can get through your unique situation with grace, inner peace, and non-judgmental support for both your inner world and your outer circumstance.

You can keep giving your best, even if you’re at your worst.

This is why I created the Virtual Sacred Support Circle for Coaches & Healers.

Each month you participate, you’ll get access to:


Sacred Support - LIVE

A 90 minute virtual circle held each month through Zoom, private for members. 30 minutes of Get Heard (for sharing) & 60 minutes of Get Support (receive live support from Starr).

Facebook Community

A private members-only Facebook group for connection & support throughout the month. Please don’t do this alone!

Recorded Circles

Recordings from all previous Circles’ Get Support section (even the ones before you were a member). Strict Confidentiality rules apply to all participation and viewing.

You're Not Alone

Connect with other Coaches & Healers today

Live Circles held every First Thursday of the Month
@ 10:30am-12pm PST through Zoom

Join Now - Only $97/mo

Plus, get these Bonuses
When You Register

Tools to support your inner journey
  • Self Awareness Resource Guide

It’s easier to work with who you really are if you’re clear on who that is! Two Page Resource Guide full of self-discovery systems, books, and other support.

  • Feelings, Emotions & Perceptions list

You’d be surprised by how many emotions there actually are! Use this list to guide your emotional intelligence, processing, and understanding.

  • Radical Self-Love Needs Assessment

Are you meeting your needs? Are aware of what they are? Use this valuable assessment to look at the bigger picture and get an idea of areas to celebrate as well as give attention.

And That’s Not All!!

Valuable Gifts From Starr
  • Private Triumph Through Tragedy Discover Session

Spend 30 minutes privately with Starr via phone or zoom (your choice) and get support now.

  • Digital Book with Starr’s Story

Receive a FREE digital copy of Warrior Women With Angel Wing Born to Love, featuring a chapter written by Starr about her own personal journey of Triumphine through Tragedy

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Safe Space. Sacred Support. Spiritual Guidance. Business Strategy. Private Community. All for only $97/month.
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What Members are Saying

I was nervous going in to Starr’s Sacred Support Circle… a lot was up with me, and I wondered what would I feel safe enough to share with strangers  Would I play it safe by only sharing a minor issue that didn’t raise my fear of condemnation?

Turns out my fear was unfounded.  With great presence and skill, Starr set a safe space.  

As if by magic, I felt safe enough to let my whole mess tumble out during the group check-in.  What a relief it was to not have to hold everything in! To be seen, accepted and even valued for exposing my load to the group was a tremendous relief.  

During my coaching time with Starr, I felt fully supported and appreciated.  Her response gave me valuable ideas to contemplate and act on.

I highly recommend Starr’s Sacred Support Circle!

Anonymous Circle Member

I’m in Starr’s Support Circle and yesterday we had our live group circle. I have never felt so safe and supported in my vulnerability.

Starr is an amazing guide, helper and leader!

Anonymous Circle Member

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where are Live Circles?

Live Sacred Support Circles are held every First Thursday of the month from 10:30am-12pm PST via Zoom Conference. If you can’t make it live, recordings are uploaded into your membership within 24 hours.

What happens in Circles?

The first 30 minutes of Circles is the Get Heard section, where members get an opportunity to share what is present for them in their life and business. This section is NOT recorded. The last 60 minutes is the Get Support section, where members get deep support directly from Starr while others observe, support, and learn. This section IS recorded, and becomes available to all members in the members area.

How long is the commitment?

We want your crisis to end as quickly as possible! Therefore membership is month to month, and can be cancelled any time (make sure to download your bonuses before your cancel, as access to bonuses & recordings end when you leave).

My Crisis is Private. How Confidential are Circles?

Confidentiality is a big deal. Everyone who participates in the circle agrees to never share other member’s experiences, either during or after they are members. Creating safe space to be fully seen and supported as leaders is what this is all about. It is entirely up to you how much of your journey you wish to share with your community.

Why Starr?

As you’ll read in my personal journey if you register, I have built my practice while dealing with many major life challenges. My unique experience combined with my decade+ of training in Spirituality and Business make me the perfect person to support you through this challenging time.