Clients Share

about working with Starr

I just want to thank you for the awakening of my inner self. You have assisted me to be aware of/notice the patterns in my life.  I notice and acknowledge my feelings. I recognise habits that hold me back and aren’t supporting me to reach my potential. The light is on and I cannot go back to my excuses.

Cebi Ngqinambi

Author, Speaker, Teacher

I worked with Starr during a time of great transition. At first I was hesitant… the thought of catching someone up to date with the complexity of my situation was daunting to me. Who can truly understand what I am going through? But Starr was so present, focused and perceptive, it took nothing but a few moments to feel safe, heard and witnessed. Starr is truly a unique coach. She is compassionate yet practical, unassuming yet knowledgeable, radical yet grounded in reality. Every session left me with thoughts to ponder, new ideas to entertain and a sense of awe of the experience and commitment she shared with me. I highly recommend Starr for any of your coaching needs. Starr – you are one of a kind!

Erez Batat

Co-Founder & Janitor,

Starr Sheppard-Decker is an incredible coach. She is insightful and really listens. Our work together has resulted in huge shifts in my life and has allowed me to experience a greater degree of freedom, joy and love. As a business owner, she has helped me achieve my dream of taking my business full time, while working through any fear or discomfort I may have experienced in the process.

Mike Watters

Communication and Design Manager, SAIF Corporation

I’ve been working with Starr for several months now and am delighted with the quality of her coaching. Few people in my life have been so effective at lovingly breaking down my barriers to growth and shining a light into those hard to see parts of my consciousness.

Brian Lundquist

Founder & Marketing Director, Nanotechnology Now

Starr’s coaching has helped me identify the lifestyle I really want, and set goals that support me in achieving it. She is particularly good at identifying the underlying beliefs that may be keeping a problem stuck in place, and finding a new perspective or a new story. Starr will hold your hand or kick you in the ass, and always seems to know which one you need. If you're ready to confront your inner demons and make real change in your life, Starr’s guidance is invaluable.

Alison Eckhardt, LAc

Acupuncturist, Waking Life Wellness

I’ve been working with Starr for several years now.  She's a great listener and seems to have a knack for hearing what you’re NOT saying so that she’s able to get to the bottom of what’s holding you back.  She seems to go right to your core to find that one belief about yourself that just might not be true.  AND she has the tools to help you get past these obstacles standing in your way.  If you’re looking for someone to speak the truth to you and help you achieve your goals, Starr’s the one for you.

Marci Beck

Spiritual Practitioner, Composer, Virtual Assistant,

Before working with Starr I was struggling with balancing time for my fertility coaching business and my young family. I had some big goals for my business, but was finding it hard to achieve everything. I was also struggling with stress, energy and processing grief for my sister, who had died the previous year.

Starr helped me to get clear on what was really going on. She helped me give myself permission to take the time I needed to process my grief. Starr also helped me to get to the core of my business, to figure out what I really wanted and to start practicing it. Freedom and joy are now the core values that I hold for my business, my clients, my family and myself. Practicing these things in small and big ways has helped to shape my business, give me better relationships with my family and bring me more fulfilment and happiness.

I got so much value out of working with Starr. She is profoundly wise, kind, caring, funny, powerful, intuitive and smart. Starr helped me to go deeply into what was holding me back from having a successful business and having true happiness in my life.

If you are lucky enough to work with Starr, then grab the opportunity because you will see your life and your business change in many incredible ways.

Rachel Bolton

Women Health Specialist Lic. Ac., Lic. Tui Na, MBAcC, Plan Yourself Pregnant

I just wanted to say thank you for our sessions! At first I was a little hesitant about the "Law of Attraction" aspect. I've been feeling I need a bit more tactical help. But in our sessions, it wasn't "woo-woo". It was focused on my unheard thoughts and unacknowledged feelings, which is just what I really needed. Your firm but kind style really helped me dig in to find what was blocking me. Surprisingly (to me), it was something that I thought I'd already worked through. I didn't realize that I had slipped back into old habits. ​I appreciate your guidance in getting back onto my path.
Toby Martini

I appreciated the introduction session that I had with Starr Sheppard-Decker. She is an expert at the Law of Attraction principles from her background as a Licensed practitioner of the Science of Mind principles outlined in “the Secret”.  I had a desire to name and clarify some “stuckness” I was experiencing in terms of my creative expression channeled specifically into a field of vocation.  During the session, I had some insights, including the need to give myself permission to be just where I am, doing just what I am doing, but without judgment and criticism.  I could feel Starr’s passion for this work, the many resources she drew from as inspiration from her years of personal growth study and ability to give some insightful reflections, even with some firmness where helpful. She helped seal the session with a prayer regarding the areas we shared about.   I appreciate the way she is stepping out in her life and work in an inspiring way and sharing her gifts as an Artist, Mother,Practitioner and Life Coach.  Thank you Starr!

Jennifer Kain