Running a business is challenging enough without adding something as devastating as personal loss, tragedy, or illness. Often you go into survival mode, where nothing is thriving, and you’re barely staying afloat.

The sad truth is, the longer this goes unaddressed, the higher the likelihood of crash and burn. You may even take your practice down with you.

Instead, it is essential you:

  • take the reins and make a plan.
  • find a sustainable way to manage your time and energy through the activities of both your business and your life.
  • get support

This is why I created “The Show Must Go On!” a 60-minute Free Webinar that shows you How to Take Your Practice Past Survival in the Midst of Personal Crisis.

In this value-packed webinar/workshop you’ll learn:

  • Time and Energy: Why managing these precious commodities is the key to success
  • The Most Common Consequences of Trying To Do It All (and what to do instead)
  • How to use The 5 S’s of Sustainability to support you in business and life
  • The Most Important Idea that got me through the roughest times, while still being a leader in my community

Join me as I share the most impactful tips from my own personal journey on how to go beyond barely breathing to holding your head high, even when your shit is up.

You don’t have to do this alone. It would be my honor to support you.

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May 22nd @ 2pm PST

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Join live and participate in a Q & A.

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Live: Catch an Up-coming Workshop

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