Workshops: Virtually & in Portland, OR

You Deserve a Day Off, Dammit! [Workshop & Webinar]

Do you feel like you’re letting others down because your coaching or healing practice always comes first? If you never have enough clients, it can make you continue to push and work until you “get there,” never allowing time for yourself or your loved-ones.

I have a secret for you: it is not going to get better the way you’re doing things now.
There is a way to take guilt-free time for yourself without dropping balls or missing calls.

The Show Must Go On! [Workshop & Webinar]

Running a business is challenging enough without adding something as devastating as personal loss, tragedy, or illness. Often you go into survival mode, where nothing is thriving, and you’re barely staying afloat.

Join me as I share the most impactful tips from my own personal journey on how to go beyond barely breathing to holding your head high, even when your shit is up.