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Leaders Are Allowed to Have Shit Up, Too!!

Yet too often Coaches & Healers get embarrassed, isolate, and even shut down their practice when faced with major life challenges or handling the state of the world.

Guess what, though –
it’s so much harder to restart a practice than it is to keep it going!

Whether You’re Going Through Illness (yours or someone else’s), Loss, Injury, Legal Battles, or Some Other Life-Altering Challenge, There Is a Way to enjoy Inner Stability and Sustainability in Your Practice, So You Can Keep Living Your Purpose and Sharing Your Unique Gifts.

You Can Keep Giving Your Best, Even When at Your Worst.

Welcome. I’m Starr Sheppard-Decker, founder of Radical Revelations.

I believe there’s too much hype out there about “becoming” a “better” version of you. The truth is that you don’t need to become anything; you’re already a unique being of Divine Light and One with All That Is.

The problem is, a lot of that essential you has been covered up by a lifetime of false beliefs, shitty stories, and cultural programming.

At the heart of everything that Radical Revelations does is designed to help you to peel back these layers of who you’re not, so that you may Reveal to the world who you really are. In a society that tells you who you’re supposed to be and how you’re supposed to act, this can be a pretty Radical notion!

As an Ordained Minister who has been seeing clients for ten years, I specialize in creating safe space for Coaches, Healers & Leaders in every aspect of their journey. Through my private practice, group support circle, a weekly virtual Sunday Service, and a monthly event here in Portland, OR, I am committed to bringing together and supporting Rad People doing Rad Things.

Keep scrolling to find out more and tap into all that’s going on here at Radical Revelations.


Teaching Inner Stability & Business Sustainability for Coaches & Healers with Major Life Challenges. Private and Group Support available.


Live & Virtual Events for Coaches, Healers, & Entrepreneurs. Includes the monthly Portland Lunch Meetup, Sacred Support Circle, and Starr’s Spiritual Sundays.

Portland Lunch Meetup

For Conscious Coaches, Healers & Entrepreneurs

Every Third Tuesday of the month in SE Portland

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Starr's Spiritual Sundays

Practical Spirituality for Rebels & Visionaries


Virtual Sunday Service Every Sunday @ 10am PST

Led by Ordained Minister Starr Sheppard-Decker

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