Thank You for

Changing the World

Are you a Coach, Healer, or other Changemaker?

Thank you! I so appreciate your commitment, and your willingness to
dedicate your genius to serving the world.

The real question is: are you having fun?

Too many service-based business-owners love providing their service, yet get to the point where they start hating everything else. The problem is, that’s not sustainable!
And you can’t change the world with your powerful work
if you’re miserable, frustrated, stuck, or burned out.

That’s why I want to help YOU align with your higher self &
heal your Old Paradigm patterns, so you can

enjoy more Fun & Flow in Your Business Back-end.


I’m Starr (with two R’s).

A leader, speaker, author, teacher, facilitator, and Ordained Esoteric Minister.

I’m also a loving disruptor, story-changer, reflecter of truth, connector, vocalist, mom, wife, and inner-work expert.

I love helping other leaders, rebels & visionaries change the world, increase their income, and have fun doing it!

Keep scrolling to find out more and tap into all that’s going on here at Radical Revelations.

Thank You!

For Being Exactly Who You Are.


Spiritual Business Integration for Coaches, Healers & Changemakers. Private, Group, and Self-Study options available.


Live & Virtual Events for Coaches, Healers, & Entrepreneurs. Includes Rad Connections (previously Portland Lunch Meetup) monthly & Starr’s Spiritual Sundays weekly.


Find out more about Starr and her thoughts on leadership & world change as she gets interviewed by others – audio & video options.

Connect, Learn & Be Inspired


Connecting Rad People doing Rad Things in the world with their work


Luncheon Every Third Tuesday of the Month in Portland

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“There is No One Right Way to Live.”

Daniel Quinn

I can’t say enough about how wonderful a mentor Starr has been in my business and my life. She herself has been through many “fires” and come out the other side with big lessons learned. Whether what’s up for me is related to sales, marketing, systems, technology, interpersonal communications, spiritual, or self-worth issues based on early trauma, Starr has always offered something of value to keep me moving toward my dreams.

Barbara McIntyre

Brand Alchemist

Before I met Starr I had no idea what spirituality could do for my life. I didn't know what it was like to meet the real version of me. When I started working with her I experienced dramatic changes in my life even with a 15 minute call. She continues to be a mirror for me in so many ways and if it wasn't for her, I would never have met myself and for that I am eternally grateful. If you are on the fence with working with her, do it! You wont regret it.

Connie Cruz

Queen Maker