Thank You for

Healing the World

In the way only you can

What the world needs now…

is more healed & healing humans!!

Which means it needs you
to keep giving your sacred work…
and to be able to run your business
without burning out!

If you’re an
unconventional healer or
other healing leader
showing up
for your calling,
I thank you… on behalf of us all.

What I want to know is this…
Do you feel like your healing gifts
are being fully:

  • Utilized?

  • Valued?

  • Rewarded?

In order for this to happen,
you need to be in your
Unique Sacred Flow.

And it is my Delight and Honor to
support you in arriving there,
Over and Over Again.



I’m Starr
(with two R’s).

I founded Radical Revelations in 2012 with the goal of leaving everyone I interact with feeling more Connected, Worthy, and Free.

Personally, I’ve experienced & healed through a lot of life challenges, including childhood abuse/trauma, domestic violence, depression/anxiety/PTSD, family dysfuntion & estrangement, neurodiversity, and chronic illness (to name a few).

Healing has been a major tool in my own 30+ years of spiritual and personal development, and I’m super passionate about societal transformation through inner work and cocreation.

After leading events for 20 years and seeing clients for 14+, I am now sought out as an expert on naming and healing harmful cultural paradigms & inner blocks so that you can unleash your sacred flow and be richly compensated for your work.

I do this through private & group support, my monthly online Healers Huddle event, my Flow & Grow Collective Community, and anywhere else Spirit calls!

If you’re a mission-based or spirit-led healer or other healing leader who wants to avoid burnout, attract more aligned clients, and change the world, you’re in the right place!

And if you – like me – are neurodiverse, magical, rebellious, and edgy, you need your business to work WITH you, not against you. That’s what I’m all about!

Thank You!

For Being Exactly Who You Are.


Neuriodiverse, Magical & Rebellious Healers: get the biz support you need! Private, Group, and Self-Study options available.


Online Events for Neurodivergent Professional Healers. Occasional local events in Portland, Oregon, including business networking and spiritual ceremonies.


Find out more about Starr and her thoughts on leadership & world change as she gets interviewed by others – audio & video options.

Come to the next healers huddle


Community for Rebel Healers

Practical tips for your Business Operations

Shame-free & Ethical Selling, Systems, and Strategies


Online: Every Third Tuesday of the Month @11am Pacific

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Are you tired of cycles of Crash & burn?


Are you hungry for a way to
run your business that’s
both aligned AND effective?


Are you craving a community
that gets your unique way
of being and seeing the world?


Check out the Flow & Grow Collective,
a membership community
of professional healers
with a calling to serve.

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“There is No One Right Way to Live.”

Daniel Quinn

I can’t say enough about how wonderful a mentor Starr has been in my business and my life. She herself has been through many “fires” and come out the other side with big lessons learned. Whether what’s up for me is related to sales, marketing, systems, technology, interpersonal communications, spiritual, or self-worth issues based on early trauma, Starr has always offered something of value to keep me moving toward my dreams.

Barbara McIntyre

Brand Alchemist

Before I met Starr I had no idea what spirituality could do for my life. I didn't know what it was like to meet the real version of me. When I started working with her I experienced dramatic changes in my life even with a 15 minute call. She continues to be a mirror for me in so many ways and if it wasn't for her, I would never have met myself and for that I am eternally grateful. If you are on the fence with working with her, do it! You wont regret it.

Connie Cruz

Queen Maker

Wow, am I glad that I had a session with Starr!

I was hesitant because although I know I have tech challenges and business roadblocks, sometimes helpful coaches giving me their tips leave me overwhelmed and disappointed with myself for not keeping up.

Starr started with a little centering intention and then listened to me talk about what the heaviest things were that were holding me back. In my case, I wanted to upgrade my courses without spending a lot and learning a big system, and I felt like my email list was dying a lonely death and needed reviving. 

Starr showed me her impressive back end—of her system—and showed me how it could work for me too.  She was able to hear my mindset needs while giving me practical systems I could use right away. 

Starr helped me up my tech & mindset game without overwhelming me, making it all doable & manageable. 

Jennifer Mason

Comic, Jennifer Mason Comedy