Starr's Spiritual Sundays:

NOT Your Typical Spiritual Teaching

Do you crave a regular connection to Spirit, without all the dogma, bullshit, judgment, and shame?

A connection and practice that doesn’t just serve you, but serves and impacts the whole planet?

Are you wanting your spirituality to not just be in the clouds, but to be right with you in the muck and beauty of your everyday life?

Are you hungry for a spiritual journey that helps you build a life and world you can enjoy and be proud of?

This is not your typical spiritual teaching.

Too many people have been burned by mainstream religion and dogmatic spirituality, yet are still yearning for spiritual connection. From Christianity’s judgment of half of creation as “evil” to toxic tendencies in the Love and Light crowd, it can be challenging to find a spirituality that meets you where you are, helps you do life better, and brings meaning to your existence.

This is why I created Starr’s Spiritual Sundays – a virtual Sunday Service like no other – that you can enjoy right from the comfort of your own home. Designed to serve the rebels and visionaries of the world, Starr’s Spiritual Sundays provide practical spiritual tips and principles that can be applied to every area of your life.

My teaching is free of ideas like: Hell, Sin, Devil, Damnation, Duality.
Yet full of stories and tips from my experience with: Nature, Metaphysics, Societal Transformation, Shadow Work, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Ritual, and more.

Once held live every Sunday,
each Spiritual Sunday Service recording offers:

  • Affirmative Prayer
  • A brief Meditation
  • Music
  • A unique look at a theme/topic
  • Starr’s Rad Recommendations:
    • A spiritual practice
    • Some “homework”
    • A book to support your journey
    • A crystal to support your healing


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Hi, I’m Starr (with 2 r’s)!

Over the last 14+ years of seeing clients and teaching spirituality, I’ve held space for and guided hundreds of people going through a huge spectrum of human challenges.

Practical spirituality is about being real that we’re human, and living our best lives in connection to both our humanness, and our eternality. It’s not about achieving some idea of perfection that has never really existed, but about harmonizing our divine perfection with our humanity.

Practical spirituality supports the deepening relationship with the forces that support your life. It also calls you to be the best human you can be, without avoiding or dismissing or denying any part of you.

Starr’s Spiritual Sundays are for you if you’re:

  • Over spiritual teachings that divide creation into absolutes of “good” and “evil,” or force a “One Right Way.”
  • Looking for actionable and straightforward ways to tap into your spiritual power and presence now.
  • Weary of “high vibe” spiritual spaces being full of gaslighting, toxic positivity, and shame
  • Ready for tools you can use to make life more fun and meaningful
  • Willing to apply your spirituality to how you show up in the world

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Each month features a general theme, with each week covering a different topic of that theme.

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Everything You Need to Know:

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Each Sunday service was lead by me, Ordained Minister Starr Sheppard-Decker, as I share my spiritual wisdom from my background and training in metaphysics, societal transformation, shadow work, earth-based spirituality, and more.

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