A “come as you are” community

of healers with a calling

build confidence and competence 
in your online practice


Healers Huddle meets online
Every month on the Third Tuesday
11am-1pm Pacific (through Zoom)

As an Unconventional
Healer or Healing Leader,
you give SO much!

Whether you’re healing through
energy, mindset, money, the body,
emotions, the business,
or the soul,

it is clear that the world needs
you now more than ever.

The world needs you fully-sourced
& in your sacred flow so you can
keep showing up for your
gifts & your people.


The world needs you to
stay connected to others
on a similar path so you
don’t slip into isolation & self-doubt.


Healers Huddle is designed
to support you in this exact way!

Nice to meet you, I’m Starr (with two r’s)

I’ve been facilitating events online & in ORegon since 2002.


For the last 30 years I’ve studied personal development, metaphysical spirituality, leadership, and human behavior, along with societal transformation and ethical business practices.

As a life-long leader, performer, and activist, I’m passionate about leaving everyone I come into contact with feeling more Connected, Worthy, and Free.

My mission on this planet is to inspire more Connection – to ourselves, each other, our planet, our purpose, Source because I believe it is the antidote to most (if not all) of our planet’s woes.

It is also my mission to lift up and inspire the amazing Healers & Healing Leaders of the world so we can keep healing our planet, one session & one healing journey at a time.

I teach a New Paradigm model of doing business based around Inclusivity, Intuition, and Integrity. Because when we change how we run our business, we change the world.

Which is why I’d love to invite you
to the next Healers Huddle:

to connect with other Healers,
feel supported,
free your blocks to flow,
and fill your healers cup
so you can keep on serving
your people they way only you can.

Each monthly event features:

  • Opportunities to be witness by others in your field & hear their stories

  • Starr-led teachings specific to running a healing practice & changing the world

  • A raffle to win either live coaching from Starr (Inner Game) or a chance to be interviewed about your business in front of the group (Outer Game)

  • And more!

Odd-Numbered months:
Inner Game

Practices & tools to support you
in continuing to show up for your work
without burning out.

Even-Numbered months:
Outer Game

Tips & strategies that help you
keep up with your online healing practice &
keep growing your impact & income.

Only $20 in advance

See when the next Healers Huddle is

Tickets go up to $25 the day of

What recent attendees are saying:

“The timing of the topics that you come up with are always so inline with what is going on at the moment, and I so resonate and get a lot out of it for myself. Connecting in the partner shares, in witnessing & receiving that acknowledgment and sharing insights, it’s so helpful to be in a space where you truly heard and seen, and it’s so beautiful to be in this container that you’ve created. Thank you.” –Shawna Fischer, Animal Communicator

“Thank you for allowing me to show up just as I am and just where I’m at.”

“Thank you so much for creating this space. You are remarkable.” 

“It’s been very powerful to recognize ourselves in each other and to know that we’re all beloved souls and we’re all doing the best we can.”

Past attendees share
their experiences
(from previous iterations of
Rad Connections):