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The Dragonfly Connection: Yes... And

At the heart of so many of my teachings about Flow is the idea of Both/And (aka Yes… And).

In this powerful interview with Amber Cook, I share a ton about my own journey through hardship in life and business, and some poignant thoughts about changing the world with our work by holding space for opposing ideas.

Curious about me? This is a great place to start!

[June 2021]

How to Sell From High Integrity, High Vibration & Intention

Are you a professional healer with hangups around selling?

Are you curious what selling with integrity actually looks and feels like?

You’re not alone!

Check out this powerful by Christi Kendall as she interviews me on The Align Yourself to Success podcast.

We both share our journeys in healing and selling. Listen now!

[Dec 2022] 

Radientpreneur Rising: How to Be Visible During Tough Times

Being interviewed about this topic by friend & colleague Jess Tomlinson was perfect timing for me, as I hit a bit of a low spot when we chatted. What a great time to share how to get through!

[September 2019]

Holistic Healing Connections: Holistic Revelations

In this awesome chat with Amber Cook of Healing Waze, we talk about everything from toxic positivity, shame, authenticity, the difference between coaching and traditional counseling and so much more!

[June 2019]

Cheerful Conversations: Handling Heaviness

As coaches and healers and leaders, we want to show up as positively as we can while staying authentic. Yet when society is so focused on issues that hurt to look at and require change, we have to reach for our most powerful tools to support us and our clients. That’s why I think the interview I did with Apryl Schlueter is so timely! What I love about this interview is how we tie in these seemingly opposing ideas of “cheerfulness” and “heaviness” in a way that is really applicable to every-day life.

[May 2019]

Awarepreneurs: Leaders are Allowed to have shit up, too!

This was my second time being interviewed by Paul Zelizer of Awarepreneurs.

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