With Two R's

Starr (with two r’s) Sheppard-Decker is a natural-born leader, loving disruptor, and woman of many talents. She is the founder of Radical Revelations, Rad Connections (previously Portland Lunch Meetup), , and the Flow & Freedom Business Retreat. Starr speaks, leads, and sings professionally, has been studying personal & spiritual development for 20 years, and enjoys being a Spiritual Business Integrator for Coaches & Healers making a difference with their work.

After seeing clients for 6 years through the Centers for Spiritual Living, Starr walked away in 2015 to take her teachings out into the world. Her excitement and drive led her to invest in the best trainings in the industry as she spent years learning marketing, sales, and business from incredible mentors.

Despite the powerful teachings and all the inner work she’d done, Starr’s old patterns kicked in, leading her to overwhelm, confusion, and self-sabotage. She nearly gave up her dream. Thanks to the deep connection to her true self and Spirit, Starr decided to apply all that she’d learned about inner work to the way she approached her business, and everything changed! She realized that the organizational aspect of her business could be every bit as rewarding as the services provided, and started aligning her systems and strategies with who she actually is, not who she thought she was supposed to be.

Now Starr is super passionate about supporting other coaches & healers who are frustrated with the lack of joy in the business operations of their practice. She helps them to align with their higher self and heal “old paradigm” patterns, so they can have more fun & flow in their business back end. When Starr isn’t supporting others, you can often find her singing, hanging out with her husband of 17 years, her youngest of 3 kids, their kitty Aurora, or playing Nintendo.

More of Starr’s Story coming soon.