Get in Creative Flow & Grow Within
Increase Financial Flow & Grow Your Business

Group Coaching Program

Learn how to make YOUR way work.
Ethical & Edgy approaches to marketing, tech systems,
mindset, time management, personal growth,
impactful business models, and more! 



Business Support Group

Be in community with other commited leaders
who get your struggle and support your vision.
Be held in your lows, cheered on in your expansion,
and reminded the truth of who you are when you forget.


Big Idea Incubator

A uniquely supportive space to birth & grow the thing
no one gets but you. Let’s change the culture
of what true support looks & feels like so that
your baby ideas have a chance to shine.

Don't do this alone

Hi, I’m Starr (with 2 r’s).

I’ve spent my life feeling like an outsider, weirdo,
or like I wasn’t invited to the party.

Whether I’m too much or not enough,
its been a challenge to find communities
where I felt not only seen, heard, and respected,
but also accepted, celebrated, and desired.

Especially as a business owner, I craved places
I could connect with other leaders who value:

  • Integrity in every area of their business model
  • Ethical Selling, Marketing, & Client Attraction
  • Equitable & Sustainable Business Practices
  • Making People & Planet as important as Profit
  • Non-Toxic Spiritual Development & Inner Growth

That’s why I created the
Flow & Grow Collective

Because I want you to
have & experience:


Stress & Struggle

❌ Overwhelm

❌ Burnout

❌ Confusion

❌ Doubt

❌ Isolation


✅ Ease & Flow

✅ Joy & Pleasure

✅ Freedom

✅ Profit

✅ Clarity

✅ Community

What clients & followers love about Starr:

Starr helped me up my tech & mindset game without overwhelming me, making it all doable and manageable!

Jennifer Mason

She will inspire you and get you pumped to take your next step into the future that you are working toward.

Andrea Thompson

I love the community that Starr creates; I’m always impressed with the conscious human beings & healers that show up.

Jill Batista, LMT

Working with Starr has helped me see my business from a creative standpoint like no other coaches have been able to do. While there is so much noise in the industry to use so many different strategies Starr has the unique ability to help you speak from the soul.

Connie Cruz

Starr [is] so present, focused and perceptive, it took nothing but a few moments to feel safe, heard and witnessed. Starr is truly a unique coach. She is compassionate yet practical, unassuming yet knowledgeable, radical yet grounded in reality.

Erez Batat

She is profoundly wise, kind, caring, funny, powerful, intuitive and smart. Starr helped me to go deeply into what was holding me back from having a successful business and having true happiness in my life.

Rachel Bolton

Join the Collective

[Enrollment opening for other membership options in September,
more info coming soon]

Dip Your Toe into Flow

Stay Tuned:
more ways to flow & grow

(*coming soon)

*Wading In:
Six Month Commitment

*Deep Dive:
One Year Commitment


When are the monthly calls?

[all times are in Pacific & all calls held through zoom]
[you get access to a calendar with all the details when you join!]


Rad Connections Online Luncheon Experience:
Third Tuesdays 11am-1pm

Finesse Your Flow:
Wednesday before Rad Connections 1-1:30pm

Flow-Work Coworking
Thursday after Rad Connections 12-2pm

Is the Collective only for women?

Absolutely not! I have helped both men and women over the last decade+ of helping clients.

All gender expressions are welcome.

That said, the majority of my attendees are women, so if you’re a man considering joining, please be comfortable with lots of women around.

I can’t wait

to flow & grow with you