As much as I like to take credit for where my life is and how far I’ve come, the truth is I have gotten this far with a LOT of help. Over the years I’ve been given tons of physical & tangible items, gifts and loans of money, and lots of love and support. But the biggest gifts have been when someone gave me a shot.

When someone believed in me enough to take a chance on me.

I still recall where I was sitting when I got off the phone and began crying. Not that sad, collapse kind of cry, but the cry of release, relief, beauty, connection, and of really feeling seen. Of really feeling supported.

Someone called who had known me for years, who had seen my leadership and service at the Spiritual Community to which we both belonged. She took a chance, picked up the phone, and offered me a spot at her intensive breakthrough retreat at the coast. Why? Because she believed in me – what was possible for me. AND, she also believed in herself – that her work could help take me even further.

Well, to say that she was right is an understatement. Over five years later, I am still using tools I received, and passing on lessons I learned to my own clients. Most of all, I had a huge inner breakthrough that allowed me to let go of old ways of thinking and being that I’ve never picked up again since. Her retreat truly changed my life.

No words can express how grateful I am for this, or many other gifts like this I’ve gotten along the way. A class that led to my Practitioner training years later. Attendance at women’s leadership events. A scholarship for a six-month coaching program to help start my online practice. The list goes on…

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I probably get chances and opportunities like this more than most. My life is very blessed, and continues to be. I am aware of the privilege of being me. Because of this, I’m always looking for ways to pass on this energy, and to honor and see others as I have been seen and supported.

So, as I was getting ready to announce my own six-month group program that starts in October, I thought to myself, “How can I contribute? How can I honor those who have given to me by taking a chance on someone else?”

That’s why I’m so excited to announce that over the next SEVEN DAYS (until August 9th), I will give out FIVE partial scholarships to coaches & healers who are ready to take a bold leap, but either can’t invest at a higher level at this time, or don’t feel ready to.

It pains me to see so many in the industry tired of feeling drained, exhausted, and on the edge of burnout with their practice. This program is about stepping into more ease, flow, and fun in all aspects of your work.

Put simply: Less time, less stress, more fun, more impact, more money

Now, I’ll be honest, these five spots aren’t meant for everyone. They are truly for those coaches and healers who are ready for someone to take a chance on them. In short… This is for you if you’re willing to do the work. To look at your stuff. To adjust your approach, if necessary. This is for you if you believe in your vision. And if you’re committed to serve while enjoying abundance, freedom, and impact.

Because, here’s the deal: I want to believe in you, and what you’re capable of. And I absolutely believe in my program. I know that, when applied, it will make a huge difference in the lives of those coaches and healers who are ready to stop being a slave to their practice, and who want the efficiency and fun they thought they were signing up for in the first place.

Is that you?

If so, let’s chat. I’d like to offer you a 45-minute “From Drain to Gain” Discovery session (normally $197). This session will give me an opportunity to see where you are in your practice, and you an opportunity to see how I work with clients. We’ll then discuss if receiving this partial scholarship would be a good fit for you, and if you are a good fit for my program.


The “From Drain to Gain: Time & Energy Mastery for Coaches & Healers” program is for you if:

• You love the work you do but are finding it more draining than you imagined
• You end up over-giving or over-delivering to your clients regularly
• Thinking about your clients and their challenges is consuming your life
• Your sales process doesn’t deliver the results you’re after
• You’re ready for a practice that takes less time and energy, and gives you more joy, impact, and financial success.

Previous client, Alyssa Morrisey of Expand Your Impact PR, says this about working with me:
“Starr is amazing. After just a few sessions I stopped chasing clients that did not value what I did, stopped having sales conversations that went nowhere and completely changed the way I do business. I cannot thank her enough.”

Don’t wait. If reading this is bringing something up for you, then maybe it is time. Time to align your systems, strategies, and sales process with who you really are (instead of who someone told you to be). I would be thrilled to get to support you with this.
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