Thank you for asking for what you need.

Thank you for reaching out for support.

Thank you for saying no when it doesn’t resonate with you.

Thank you for setting and maintaining bold boundaries with yourself and others.

Thank you for clarifying what you’re okay with and what you’re not.

Thank you for expressing your values through your words and actions.

Thank you for being honest about your thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for sharing what you’re proud of, and what you love about yourself.

Thank you for bringing all of you to our conversations, not just the parts you think I’ll accept.

Thank you for also considering the impact of your words, energy, and presence.

Thank you for taking responsibility for your own energy by deciding what you want to do with it.

Thank you for taking responsibility for your power by noticing how you use it, and using it for the uplifting of all (not just some).

Thank you for taking care of you by being clear with me.

Thank you for being willing to be in community with others who may disagree with you, and treating them with kindness and respect anyway.

Thank you for having tough conversation from a place of fierce love.

Thank you for knowing the difference between stretching your comfort zone and enacting violence upon the self.

Thank you for the impact you make on your world every day.

Thank you for being open to having your perspective shifted, maybe even every day.

Thank you for being the bright light that you are, and for shining you in the way only you can.

Thank you for being YOU.