When it comes to choosing what tech systems to support your online coaching, healing, or other soulful services, there can be WAY too many options to choose from!


Which is why it helps to know someone who has been around the block a bit and can save you time & money by showing you the way.

I started using computers when I was six years old in first grade. 


By the time I was 12 I could type 65 words per minute. My eccentric uncle worked as a computer programmer out of his house, and when I was 14 he gave me one of his old computers to play with; it didn’t even have an operating system! I had nothing but a command prompt to interface with to open programs, and no instruction manual (or internet) to help me.

Fast forward to me moving to Oregon in 1998, 19 years old and pregnant with my first (of three) children, I got a job as a temp and did data entry for Darigold. Also a life-long video gamer (go Nintendo!), I treated the 10-key program at work like a game, keeping track of my fastest typing rates like high scores. If I recall correctly, I reached at least 34,000 strokes per hour.


Yeah, I’m proud of it.


My husband still pokes gentle fun at me while he walks by when I’m typing with a purrrr sound and his fingers flying. It always makes me smile.


In 2012, after seeing clients as a Spiritual Practitioner for three years, I found a client willing to trade sessions for lessons on WordPress, and I started building websites with a theme that didn’t require a bunch of code knowledge to master. It was a fun way to express myself online, especially after getting so hooked by all the customization options on MySpace only to be so limited on Facebook! (my MySpace profile was so….. ME)

Then, as I took my practice out into the world through the internet, I got distracted by all the fancy and fun tech tools I could use in the name of business.

Looking back, I’ll admit it was a lot easier to go down a path I was very familiar with – technology tools – than to do the hard stuff like reach out to potential clients and put myself out there in a bigger way.

BUT, now you get to benefit from those years of trying so many CRMs and Payment Processors and Course Builders – Oh, my!


That’s right…


Now you know someone who can help you!

While I don’t claim to “specialize” in technology, and I have no interest in solely focusing on teaching or advising on tech (I’m way too good at going deep within you and lovingly pulling out your light and your shadows!), it would be selfish not to share with you some of my favorite tech tools to support your solo practice.


Only you can know just what your particular business model needs most, but these Tech Basics should at least get you headed in the right direction! 

[please note, many of the following suggestions contain affiliate links and I may receive financial compensation if you decide to invest. If you share any 3rd party products or services that have an affiliate program, I highly recommend you do the same!]

Tech Basics for Online Soulful Solopreneurs

You’ll Need:
  • Domain name (url)
  • Web Hosting
  • Design Platform


Sustainable Web Hosting: Green Geeks
Platform: WordPress
Design/Theme: Elegant Themes/Divi

email marketing

Basics are:

  • A List
  • Sign-up Form
  • Welcome Automation


For All of the Above: Active Campaign

Graphic design

Great for: 

  • Social Media
  • YouTube thumbnails
  • Delivering Content


Pro Version: Canva

online scheduling


  • Online Scheduler (that connects with your )
  • Online Calendar


The “Emerging” Pay Level: Acuity Scheduling

contracts & onboarding

Manage Online: 

  • Digital Signatures
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Client Information


All-in One tool for Contracts, Invoices & More: 17hats

content delivery

Teach & Serve Through:

  • Video (webinars/classes)
  • Courses
  • Memberships


Video (Pro Plan): Zoom

Courses & Memberships: MemberVault

This list is a great place to begin no matter how long you’ve been seeing clients or how long you’ve been in business.

Don’t forget to always start where you are and take baby steps toward your goals & vision.


You’ll also want to make sure you have a payment processor (like Square, Stripe, Paypal or others) to bring in that cash!!


What are some of your favorite tech tools? Share in the comments below!

Still unclear? Get some private support!

Invest in a private Two Hour Tech Assessment with Starr

In this Two Hour Session, we’ll look at:

  • what you have set up already (is it working?)
  • what you want your technology to do
  • what systems to set up & how to get started

You’ll leave with a clear idea of what steps to take next to up your tech game in a cost effective and time efficient way, and I get even help you with set up during any time we have left. 

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