Being a human in the modern world can be rough. So much is expected of us! Including the expectation, “Walk Your Talk!” We may be filling several roles simultaneously, while not feeling like we’re doing our best in any of them. Add onto that the weight of finding our way in a system that’s hell-bent on devouring the planet (and thoughts of “what can we do about it?!”) and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Personally, I can get into a place where I’m not really getting anything productive done because all I am focusing on is how much there is to do! When that happens, items hang out on my to-do list way too long, and self-judgment can begin to creep in. It is then when my spiritual tools become especially useful.

This last year of building my business has been a lot of weigh on my thoughts, emotions, and time. It has been an incredible opportunity to use all of the tools I’ve been gathering over the years and apply them in a way that impacts the world. It has also been a challenge to maintain self-care and manage my time in a way that supports me.

I’m Walking My Talk!

As difficult as it is as an solopreneur, I’m taking a vacation! My family is going to our annual camping spot, and will be completely out of cell range and away from the internet. As a coach, it is so important for me to recharge, connect with nature, and unplug for a while.

I will be back in touch with the world digitally August 6th. Until then, what are you doing to make sure to recharge your battery? Are YOU walking YOUR talk?